the story started in 2013 Summer


I was working in Greece in a hotel located in Delphi


I met Pierre ( he is my fiance now, and he is the boss of KATSICAFE)


I met him in Patras, which is another city in Greece, I intended to go for a weekend for holiday because my job in the hotel is very tiring..


I visit Patras , which is a city next to the sea, that was very beautiful, all the sunsets and sunrise there are golden...


Pierre is the one who hosted me and show me the city...

the first time I saw him, he was with long hair...shorts....Flip-flops, and a sweat shirt, a very casual guy full of passion. I saw the sun on his skin, I saw the pure childlike heart ..


The first day we spent together, we COOKED! HAHAHA


I liked the way he put the spice on the dish, the way he prepared his own cocktails for us... I was moved, but I hesitated becuase he and I were living in two different cities..


and at that time my job contract didn't finish...


so I went back to Delphi, where I worked.


But Pierre kept waiting me and we both were giving time to think over how we can continue....


We had struggled a lot but finally we decided to be together no matter whereever we go



It has been always his dream, for the past 10 years, he wants to start a cafeshop, a taverna, small and cozy, welcoming and friendly..


One evening before I went back to Delphi, he were having a coffee with me in Patras,


it was his first time to ask me, " Sheila, what do you think if one day we run a cafe together?"


I asked , " Where..?"


He said, " Anywhere will do, just be together, and everything is possible".


Yes, he is a french guy, love is the first thing, the rest, comes later.


So, we had considered the cafe set up in Greece, but all those situation there was not very good, including the economy ...


so we decided to move back to Asia; HK, life is good, but very expensive, expecially the rent


he is from the south of France, Provence. He loves SUNNY place...

since Taiwan South is also a sunny place..relax people.....wide street...... then we settle here!!


so we choose, Kaohsiung.


we appreciate, and want to support taiwan.


So here we are!



Monday - Friday:
12:00 - 21:00
Saturday - Sunday:
12:00 - 22:00

0988 543 389





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